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Updated: May 20, 2022

New year, new lives to change!

A stronger mind empowers any person to make better, more deliberate decisions for themselves. We make use of the BrainRx program, created by LearningRx USA, which focuses on enhancing 7 key cognitive skillsused in thinking, learning and understanding. Beyond a trained brain, our students develop positive attitudes and mindsets when facing challenges.

If you're interested in transforming lives in a unique way, consider becoming a BrainRx licensee.


APRIL 21 to 24, 2022 (Thu-Sun)

*deadline for new licensee contract & payment: March 10, 2022


2 BrainRx Global Student of the Year (SOTY) 2021 winners are from the Philippines!

Our student's learning abilities are significantly improved through our 1-on-1 cognitive training!

Our students have been recognized internationally for the tremendous observable, measurable changes they've experienced after going through BrainRx cognitive training. Huge congrats to Santi for being selected as Winner in the search for BrainRx Global Student of the Year 2022, and to Sam for receiving a Special Mention!

Listen to their BrainRx journeys below.


A decade of transforming lives

For 10 years, our BrainRx Learning Plus BGC Center--the pioneer center in the Philippines--has encountered children and adults who sought our services. Different from tutoring and conventional interventions, we address the root of many learning issues--i.e. weak cognitive skills. Very often, when we fix the root, the behavior changes, yielding to better performance, and a brighter outlook towards life.


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