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Take the leap! Life gives you amazing things if you look for them.

Join Us in Changing Lives for a Living!

Do you ever dream of having a business with a purpose? Or wishing for work that makes you truly fulfilled?

As the Master Developer of BrainRx for the Philippines, we are looking for potential licensees who are passionate about helping others and want to do something on their own. Here are BrainRx Philippines co-founders Mel and Joy sharing their thoughts:

NEW LICENSEE TRAINING: Sept. 23 to 26, 2021

* deadline for new licensee contract & payment: Aug 12

Created by LearningRx USA, BrainRx is a powerful program that strengthens the 7 key cognitive skills that make up IQ. By strengthening these underlying critical skills children and adults use to absorb, process and retain information, learning becomes faster and easier.

As a BrainRx licensee, you enjoy the benefits of setting up your own BrainRx center or adding the BrainRx program to complement your existing services. Aside from benefitting directly from your hard work, you will feel a sense of purpose as you earn a living meaningfully.


During pandemic, students are being trained 1-on-1 by our trainers over Zoom.


7 Key Cognitive Skills We Strengthen & Their Role in Learning

Have you ever wondered how strong your memory skill is? How some things seem stick to a child's memory better--like lyrics to a song, but not the science topic you just taught him? Learn how memory works in kids and how important working memory is. In BrainRx, we improve both working memory and long-term memory.

Attention is like a funnel: we take in only select information among everything our senses pick up. Undoubtedly, attention is vital when it comes to learning. This article explains how kids pay attention and how to help them pay attention to the important stuff.

Notice how some kids absorb or process information faster than others? Often, their mental processing speed plays a role here. Get more insight into this important cognitive skill by looking at what could possibly happen in a day in the life of a child with slow processing speed.

Watch a child figure out Lego instructions, or navigate coordinates in a treasure map. Visual processing is one skill at work here. It is an extremely valuable skill as we use it in nearly everything we do. Know more about how visual-spatial processing affects a child's ability to read, do math and sports.

Auditory processing--the skill that the brain uses when processing sounds--plays a huge role in listening and reading comprehension. When underdeveloped, it greatly impacts a child's day-to-day life. Here's a closer look on a condition called Auditory Processing Disorder.

Regardless of age, we face situations requiring us to use our logic and reasoning skill such as problem-solving, doing math, debating, organizing projects or structuring our writing . Here are two articles explaining why concrete reasoning is the foundation of learning and why children need to use abstract reasoning in school.


Our Impact

BrainRx has already touched over 100,000 lives globally. Among these is Tobey's from the Philippines:

Tobey was performing well academically, however, his struggles with managing his emotions affected his day-to-day life in school and at home. Through the BrainRx program, we helped him improve his attention and enhance his other cognitive skills. Learning to control and express his frustration was a hard-won battle that reaped benefits in all aspects of his life--better emotional regulation, self-confidence and awareness, academic performance and wellbeing.

The change in him was so amazing that he was selected as one of the Global Finalists for BrainRx Student of the Year 2020. Tobey's case is just one of the many students we've helped through our program.


"BrainRx has helped me in controlling my emotions, improving my self-confidence, my cognitive skills, and etc. I evolved. I was a caterpillar before, and BrainRx was the metamorphosis, and now I'm a butterfly." - Tobey Chong, 13 yo student

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