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Why are we smiling here in BGC?

Hello from our BrainRx BGC Crew!

Behind the masks are big smiles from the BrainRx BGC Center team, shown here at the end of an enjoyable, life-enriching team event. We can only give what we have, hence we need to take care and develop ourselves to enable us to help others. We admire the dedication these people show--their passion for helping is reflected in the amazing changes in their students. EXCITING UPDATE: BrainRx Alabang-BF Homes is opening soon!


BrainRx changes lives!

Centers offering BrainRx programs are in a unique position to create lasting solutions for people who want or need to improve their learning abilities. BrainRx centers across the globe work with children and adults to sharpen mental skills used in learning, reading, understanding and daily performance. (Remember that classmate of yours who couldn't pay attention as well or always forgot some information? BrainRx programs wonderfully helps in these cases.) As cognitive skills are sharpened in training sessions, students end up with better resilience, self-confidence and self-efficacy, making trainers all over proud of their work!

If you would like to touch lives in a similar way, send us a text or email message to find out how you can offer BrainRx in your area. The next licensee training is scheduled on:

NEW LICENSEE TRAINING: SEPTEMBER 22 to 25, 2022 (Thu-Sun) * deadline for new licensee contract & payment: AUG 11, 2022

New licensees will be able to launch within 2-3 months after training. Find out more about our BrainRx licensing opportunity by clicking the button below.

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